Caciocavallo literally translates to “horse (cavallo) cheese (cacio)” or “cheese on horseback”. The name derives from the Italian tradition of tying cheese forms together in pairs and hanging them over a wooden board to dry age.


This pasta filata cheese is made from cow milk. It is stretched by hand into a natural teardrop shape with a knot at the top so that a cord can be tied around the thin end to hang. After aging, the cheese is then naturally beechwood smoked, taking on a salty and smoked flavor.


Caciocavallo is great when grated on top of your favourite dishes or sliced and pan fried to enhance the flavours.

Zanetti - Caciocavallo Smoked (Approx. 800g)

  • Chilled Caciocavallo (Smoked Provolone)
    Cut Cheese
    Packet: Approx. 800g
    Texture: Elastic, stringy
    Brand: Zanetti
    Origin: Italy
    Fresh Product