Weisswurst – meaning white sausage – is a traditional Bavarian sausage created in Munich. Legend has it the Weisswurst was invented accidentally by an Innkepper in 1857. Oftentimes called the 'morning sausage', the Weisswurst sausage is always freshly made and not smoked. 


Chicken Bavarian Weisswurst Sausages are freshly made from the finest minced chicken, typically seasoned with with parsley, lemon and perfectly blended spices and condiments.


Our frozen ultra high quality Chicken Weisswurst sausages is best eaten as a snack between meals, especially to satiate those hunger pangs between breakfast and lunch.
The sausages are heated in water and removed just short of boiling..then simply scoop them out or be a kid again and simply suck them out of their casing!

Chicken Bavarian Weisswurt Sausage (Approx. 700g)

  • Frozen Cooked Chicken Bavarian Weisswurt Sausage
    Brand: Sausage Kitchen
    Size: Approx. 90g / sausage
    Weight: Approx. 700g /pkt (8 sausages /pkt)
    Origin: UAE
    Halal Certified
    Frozen Product