Soft shell crabs, or “softies” are blue crabs that have recently molted their shell. They are harvested before they can regrow a new shell, so their skin is soft. This means their entire bodies are edible: shell, claws, and all.


Once cleaned, soft shell crabs can be breaded, battered, or simply coated with oil. You can grill them, pan-fry them, or deep-fry them.

Soft-Shell Crabs Whole (600g)

  • Frozen Soft-Shell Crabs Whole
    Size: Approx. 80/120g /piece
    Weight: 600g bag (6 pieces /bag)
    Specs: Whole
    Origin: India
    Frozen Product

    • Heat up some oil. We reccomend canola. About 3-4 cups.
    • Then, mix the flour and starch together. Add pepper and salt and then add the seltzer.
    • Dip the craps into the hot oil and fry until crispy. You will want to do batches. Do not crowd them folks!
    • Remove and drain on paper towels.
    • Briefly fry garlic and chilies.