Also known as “squid ink”, nero di sepia or tinta de calamar, cuttlefish ink is what gives that dramatic black look to black pasta (pasta nero) or black rice (riso nero), a dish you’ll find a lot in Spanish (black paella is a thing) and Italian, and really all Iberian and Mediterranean cuisine. The jet-black liquid is not only useful to tint foods, it also imparts a briny, umami-rich flavor to a dish, giving it depth and complexity.

The key to the rich flavor of cuttlefish ink is that it’s loaded with natural glutamate, what some call umami, that elusive term that just means depth of taste for us.
Add a few teaspoons to a stock, rice or pasta, and the difference will be striking. A dash to tomato sauce, and it heightens all the flavors. To make squid ink risotto, just make the stock with squid ink and then make your risotto recipe as usual. To prepare an inky black pasta at home, add the squid ink to the eggs during the pasta-making process – that’s all! You can also make squid ink soup, and many other recipes.

Our Cuttlefish Ink comes from Spain and can be kept at room temperature.

Nortindal - Squid Ink 180g

  • Chilled Squid Ink
    Cuttlefish Ink
    Gluten Free
    Brand: Nortindal
    Glass Jar 180g
    Origin: Spain
    Fresh Product