1. Pan-fry: Pour 3 tbsp of vegetable oil into a nonstick pan. Place 4 frozen dumpling pieces into the pan. Heat on medium-high heat for 8 minutes, turning each side over every 2-3 minutes or until all sides are golden brown.
2. Steam:
Pour enough water into a steamer and boil. Once the water is boiling, place 4 frozen dumpling pieces inside and steam for 8 minutes.
3. Add 4 frozen dumpling pieces to any soup or broth and boil for 6 minutes for a hearty dumpling soup.

Dim Sum - Vegetable Hacao 20g x 20pcs

  • Frozen Dim Sum Vegetable Hacao
    Vegetable Dumpling
    Weight: Approx. 400g
    Size: 20g /piece (20 pcs /bag)
    Brand: Socotra
    Origin: Thailand
    Halal Certified
    Frozen Product