You have probably tasted or seen younger versions of Gouda that come encased in red wax and cellophane. These mild cheeses may be great for kids, but we’d like to introduce you to the more sophisticated and elaborate flavor of Aged Gouda (36 months old).


This amber-colored, very hard cow’s milk cheese, is one of Holland’s best kept secrets. It has a fragrant scotch-whiskey type of aroma with a flavor that is both sharp and sweet at the same time. The rind varies in color from black to burnt orange and the deeply complex flavor will bring to mind thoughts of caramel, molten honey, and butterscotch.


This cheese is only available at real cheese mongers.

Aged Gouda 36 Months (Approx. 300g)

  • Aged Gouda 36 Months
    Gouda Cassant
    Cut Cheese
    Texture: hard
    Weight: Approx. 300g
    Origin: Holland
    Fresh Product
    : The prices given are estimates, they may slightly vary based on the actual weight of your product.