The pecorino cheese with figs is a unique delicacy of its kind.


This innovative recipe combines the cheese with the fruit, which makes the flavor to be like explosive. Pecorino is produced with sheep's milk, while part of figs is added during the processing of the pasta. Pecorino with figs is brownish in color as regards the crust, and ivory white inside.


To taste it best is recommended to taste it purely.


Pecorino Seasoned With Figs (Approx. 250g)

  • Chilled Pecorino Seasoned with Figs
    Pecorino Stagionato con Fichi (Il Goloso)
    Cut Cheese
    Weight: Approx. 250g
    Texture: Hard and very crumbly
    Brand: Rocca Toscana Formaggi
    Origin: Italy
    Fresh Product
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