Wild Omani Sand Lobster can be a perfect part of everyone’s main course.

They can also make a great meal with fresh lemon and can be prepared to create a mouth-watering salad or cooked on the barbecue.

For grilling purposes, it is suggested that you cut the Wild Omani Sand Lobster lengthwise to reveal its transparent flesh and cook it as it is. They are also perfect as deep-fried, poached or steamed. 

You can also try to bake them by melting butter and then combining with freshly chopped garlic and parsley.

Wild Omani Sand Lobster Whole (600g)

  • Frozen Wild Omani Sand Lobster
    Slipper Lobster / Cigale de Mer
    Size: Approx. 300g /piece
    Weight: 600g bag (2 pieces /bag)
    Specs: Whole
    Origin: Oman
    Frozen Product