“Tomme” is the generic name for soft or semi-soft cheeses made from cow, sheep or goat’s milk, typically with a low fat content. “Brebis” is French for “ewe”.
Our semi-soft Tomme de Brebis is made once a month. The milk comes from sheep which live on a farm in Boécourt near Delémont.
The spicy taste of this exclusive speciality will certainly delight sheep’s cheese connoisseurs.A wonderful silky nutty rich tasting cheese.


Tomme de Brebis (Approx. 250g)

  • Chilled Ewe Tomme from Basque Country
    Tomme de Brebis du Pays Basque
    Cut Cheese
    Texture: Semi-hard
    Weight: Approx. 250g
    Brand: Brebiro
    Origin: France
    Fresh Product
    : The prices given are estimates, they may slightly vary based on the actual weight of your product.