These dried wild morel mushrooms have been picked, sorted and cleaned by hand. Chosen for quality of their flesh, visual appeal and aromas, first choice morels are suited for any fine dish of haute cuisine.
Morels are rare, and only found in the spring, making them less available (and more unique) than other mushrooms species. This tasty and somewhat interesting-looking mushrooms has an elongated shape, resembling a dry and indented pinecone, reminiscent of a sponge in texture and feel.

Grind these dried morels in all of your preparations : eggs, gratins, sauces... Enjoy !

Plantin - Dried Wild Morels Mushrooms Mill 21g

  • Dried Wild Morels to Grind
    Weight: 21g mill
    Brand: Plantin
    Origin: France
    Dry Product
    Ingredients: 100% dried wild morels (Morchella conica, Morchella esculenta)