Plantin dry Porcini (latin name Boletus Edulis) are carefully hand-selected and sorted. It is an excellent mushroom with a soft nutty flavor.

The flavor and aroma of these opulent mushrooms will permeate your kitchen. They are easily recognized for their rounded, plump caps (which some call hamburger buns), brown and bulbous, and very pretty. Porcini are intensely aromatic, with a fine yet rich taste that is infused into dishes. It especially pairs well with soups, sauces, polentas and pastas.

Soak anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes in warm water before using (drain and save the liquid for other aromatic dishes).


The porcini when rehydrated will gain 3.5 times its weight.

10g of dry porcini = 35 g of fresh porcini


Plantin - Dried Extra Porcini Mushrooms 50g

  • Dried Extra Porcini (Cepes)
    Weight: 50g pot
    Brand: Plantin
    Origin: France
    Dry Product
    Ingredients: Dry Porcini (Boletus Edulis)