From the island of Sardinia comes this raw sheep's milk cheese with luxurious black truffle. Unlike most truffled cheeses, the truffle paste is infused after the cheese has already been aged so that the cheese develops its own character before the truffles are added.

The truffle flavor permeates throughout the entire paste of this amazing pecorino cheese making this an unusual and delicious treat for any cheese and/or truffle lovers!


Pecorino Seasoned With Truffle (Approx. 250g)

  • Chilled Pecorino Seasoned With Truffle
    Pecorino Stagionato Con Tartufo (Il Piacere )
    Cut Cheese
    Weight: Approx. 250g
    Texture: Hard and very crumbly
    Brand: Rocca Toscana Formaggi
    Origin: Italy
    Fresh Product
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