Knorr Viandox contains a lot of flavor and character. It adds an inimitable touch to all your preparations that transform the ordinary into true culinary delight!

The Viandox  is an essential product that will become your little secret for even tastier dishes! Practical to enhance and sublimate your culinary preparations. Ideal for adding a twist to your pasta, rice, fish and meats.


Knorr - Viandox Cooking Preparation 160ml

  • Viandox Cooking Preparation
    Packing: Glass Jar
    Net Weight: 160ml
    Brand: Knorr
    Origin: France
    Dry Product

  • Pour a few drops of Viandox seasoning to your soups or your meat or fish dishes during cooking or directly on the plate.

    If you like sashimi, we advise you to pair it with rice richly seasoned with the Viandox and butter! Trust us,you will love it!