Do you crave chicken, cheese or sausages? Well, without too much fuss, we have you covered..we have put them all together for you as yummy Chicken Cheese Knucker Sausages.
Whip up for those lazy stay-in weekend breakfasts or quick any-time bites. Devour with ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise or salsa..take your pick. Create an anytime meal.

Cheese Knackers are made of chicken and are fully cooked in a natural casing. Good on the grill or heated in water. To heat, bring water to a boil, drop in sausage, cover, and turn off heat. Let stand for 15 minutes until heated through.

These products are made from the freshest quality ingredients.

Made 100% from meat, no fillers, no artificial colouring or flavouring added.

Chicken Cheese Knacker Sausage 500g

  • Frozen Cooked Chicken Cheese Knacker Sausage
    Brand: Sausage Kitchen
    Size: Approx. 30g / sausage
    Weight: 500g /pkt (around 15 sausages /pkt)
    Origin: UAE
    Halal Certified
    Frozen Product