Biodynamic agriculture is a step forward from the ORGANIC farming method.
This method is based on the harmonization between the different forces that govern Nature: seasons, atmospheric phenomenons, lunar cycles and the position of the constellations in the cosmos. Biodynamic agriculture seeks a comprehensive balance of soil, trees, animals and Humanity.




Fresh and expressive extra virgin olive oil which stands out because of its herbaceous tasting notes: olive tree leaf, green almond and artichoke.

Well harmonized thanks to its high content of oleic acid. Persistent.

Special for salad dressings, grilled vegetables, soups, fresh cheese, white fish and soft meats. High content of POLYPHENOLS (760 ppm, of which 436 are BIOPHENOLS). High percentage of ANTIOXIDANTS.

Castillo De Canena - Biodynamic Arbequina 500ml

  • Olive Oil - Biodynamic
    Brand: Castillo De Canena
    Type: Arbequina
    Glass Bottle: 500ml