Flavor notes: Tradition Prestige has large eggs that are silky and have elegant notes. Creamy, buttery flavors arrive first as hints of seaweed yield to a long, impressive clean finish. The taste of this caviar is perfectly balanced with round notes, combining delicate nuances of the sea with light, buttery flavors of pastry.


Time required to harvest: 14 to 15 years 


Calvisius - Tradition Prestige Caviar 30g

  • Chilled Tradition Prestige Caviar
    Species: Pacific White sturgeon, Acipenser transmontanus
    Origins of the species: North American West coast, from Alaska to Southern California
    Size of the fish: large, may grow to 800kg or 1760 lbs and can be as long as 6m or 19’
    Roe diameter: large, 2.8mm/3.2mm
    Color: dark grey to black
    Texture: compact and smooth, enhanced by its large roe
    Character: balanced and elegant
    Aromatic notes: strongly fruity with nutty and buttery notes, reminiscent of the most delicate nuances of the sea.
    Weight: 30g tin
    Brand: Calvisius
    Origin: Italy
    Fresh Product