This whole mullet bottarga enhances any dish with a briny Mediterranean Sea flavor. Mullet bottarga is more delicate tasting than tuna bottarga. All you have to do to use this mullet bottarga is peel away the outer layer and slice or grate it.


One whole bottarga can flavor dozens of meals, and will last well for several years in the refrigerator.  

Bottarga Whole Mullet (Approx. 110g)

  • Whole Mullet Bottarga - Bottarga de Muggine
    Dried Mullet Roe Sterilized
    Weight: 100/130g vacuum pack unit
    Brand: Gargia D'Oro
    Origin: Italy
    Dry Product
    : The prices given are estimates, they may slightly vary based on the actual weight of your product. 

  • 1. Slice it thin for a classic spaghetti con bottarga with real extra virigin olive oil.

    2. Bottarga can be used not only to add salt and umami, but also to add a delightfully feathery texture to your dishes.

    3. Shave it directly onto bruschetta, bitter greens, mashed potatoes, risotto, scrambled eggs, pizza, or fresh fennel salad.