This oil is made with first-pressed Italian olive oil and French Black truffle essence for an intense aroma. Its complex flavour will inspire greatness in the kitchen.

Just remember that when it comes to truffle oil, a little bit goes a long way. Many chefs use truffle oil in dishes studded with real truffles in order to infuse the flavour throughout the dish.

Italtouch - Truffle Oil Black 250ml

  • Black Truffle Oil Chef’s Taste
    Weight: 250ml glass bottle
    Brand: Italtouch
    Origin: Italy
    Dry Product
    Ingredients: Italian olive oil infused with Black winter truffle flavour

  • Black truffle oil adds an earthy character to mashed potatoes and french fries, gives simple egg dishes complexity and lends a headiness to hot-off-the-stove popcorn.
    For the best flavor, less is definitely more when it comes using truffle oil. A small touch of truffle oil added to a dish right before serving will add earthiness without overpowering.
    Black truffle flavored oil can intensify truffle flavor in a recipe when used alongside real, fresh truffle. Think of truffle oil as you do perfume. It’s a finishing touch that when applied correctly with a light hand adds wonderful aroma and flavor. Think of it as a finishing oil, not a cooking oil.