The texture of  Smoked Scamorza is elastic, stringy and has less moisture than Mozzarella. In addition, the flavour is more piquant, milky and creamy. Smoked Scamorza has a subtle, smoky flavour with a sweet, light caramel note.


Scamorza is used as a substitute for Mozzarella as it imparts more interest in the recipe. Since Scamorza has excellent melting qualities, it is best known to flavour baking dishes, for griddling or topped with prosciutto for extra zest. 

Zanetti - Smoked Scarmoza 280g

  • Chilled Smoked Scarmoza
    Packet: 280g
    Texture: Elastic, stringy
    Brand: Zanetti
    Origin: Italy
    Fresh Product