Fished of the shores of Oman during the season they are then blast frozen to keep the quality and be supplied all year long legally.

These shrimps are caught using traditional cage methods.

Our Wild Omani Shrimps have a pronounced taste of ocean compared to the almost bland flavor of farmed shrimps. When cooked their flesh is softer than other shrimp species.

Wild Omani Shrimp Whole 800g (Jumbo / Big)

  • Frozen Omani Wild Sea Shrimp Whole
    Weight: 800g bag (gross weight)
    - Big: 10 to 20 pcs /kg (Approx. 65g /pcs)
    - Jumbo: under 10 pcs /kg (Approx. 100g /pcs)
    Specs: Whole with shell
    Origin: Oman
    Frozen Product