Tomme des Pyrénées is a semi-hard, cow's milk cheese from the Pyrénées region in France that must mature for at least 21 days before consumption. It is wrapped in a distinguishable black wax coating, which acts as a seal to prevent the air from coming in and thus stopping the maturation process.


Appreciated for its big, bold flavors, Tomme has a rubbery texture and buttery, salty, earthy taste with slight hints of sourness and undertones of mushrooms, garlic, onions, peanuts and beef bouillon that come forth once the cheese has melted in the mouth.

Tomme des Pyrénées (Approx. 300g)

  • Chilled Tomme des Pyrénées
    Cut Cheese
    Weight: Approx.
    Texture: Semi-soft
    Brand: Capitoul
    Origin: France
    Fresh Product
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