Imagine a harmonious combination of velvety ice cream wrapped in a sweetened rice morsel, all resulting in a delectable bite-sized, one and a quarter ounce, a ball of pure happiness.


Originally, mochi is a Japanese confection made of glutinous rice and traditionally eaten during the Japanese New Year. Mochi ice cream is a small ice cream ball wrapped with a soft rice paste skin on the outside. It is then dusted with corn starch.


One of the originalities of this mochi delicacy is the chewiness of the delectable rice paste. Due to the complex interaction between the ingredients, the production of those delicious mochi balls is sensitive that’s why it is considered as a sweet delicatessen.

Mochi Japanese Ice Cream - Assorted Flavors 24pcs

  • MOCHI Japanese Ice Cream
    Weight: 24 pcs box
    8 Different Flavors:
    x3 Chocolate
    x3 Wasabi
    x3 Lychee
    x3 Salted Caramel
    x3 Green Tea
    x3 Passion Fruit
    x3 Vanilla
    x3 Red Beans
    Allergen: Contains milk, may contain traces of nuts.
    Frozen Product