This soft cheese is aged for a short period during which it develops a thin, white, bloomy rind.


Robiola Bergamasca has a smooth creamy texture and an intense flavor characterized by mushroomy and buttery notes. Hailed from master cheesemakers, the Guffanti family, this lovable cheese is sure to please any palate.


Robiola is a popular type of small format, often mixed milk Italian cheese produced in the agricultural area of the Langhe, in Piedmont. This particular Robiola is a two-milk cheese made with cow and sheep’s milk and has a sweet and milky taste. 

Zanetti - Robiola Bergamasca 350g

  • Chilled Robiola Bergamasca
    Half Cheese
    2 Milks: Goat & Cow
    Packet: 350g
    Texture: Soft
    Brand: Zanetti
    Origin: Italy
    Fresh Product

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