Oriental exclusive Box 


Discover the new sensation of La Maison Vendôme! This lovely Oriental gift box is so perfect to add some freshness to your dinner! 

The Chef made 6 exclusives and premium new flavours : 

  • Dates 
  • Coffee and Cardamom 
  • Raspberry and Rose 
  • Lemon and Ginger 
  • Saffron 
  • Chocolate and Chill

Vendôme - Oriental Selection Gelatos 6x120ml

  • Homemade Oriental Flavors Gelato
    Brand: Vendôme Gelato
    Packing: 1 box (6 pieces)

    Weight: 6 x 120ml
    - Dates
    - Coffee and Cardamom
    - Raspberry and Rose
    - Lemon and Ginger
    - Saffron
    - Chocolate and chill
    Origin: Oman
    Frozen Product