Tomme de Chevre or Tomme de Chèvre de Savoie is an artisanal goat’s milk cheese made in Savoie region in France.

First developed in the 17th century, Tomme de Chèvre de Savoie is a moist, white uncooked pressed cheese with a bluish grey bloomy rind. Made from full-fat raw milk, the cheese casts out a strong goaty smell with flavours reminiscent of fruits and hazelnut. The cheese is matured for seven weeks before being sold.

The cheese is best eaten with potatoes, bread or simply melted like a raclette. 


Tomme de Chèvre (Approx. 200g)

  • Chilled Goat Tomme Raw Milk
    Tomme de Chèvre Au Lait Cru
    Cut Cheese
    Texture: Semi-hard
    Weight: Approx. 200g
    Brand: Laiterie de Vichy
    Origin: France
    Fresh Product
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