This large pink Himalayan salt block can be used as an original serving dish, or like a plancha for grilling fish, shellfish, meat and vegetables !
Size of the salt block 20cm x 10cm x 2.5cm
Chopping and serving: this hard block made entirely of salt is the perfect slab for use as a chopping board. Put it in the fridge and then use it as a serving dish for your delicate food such as raw fish and meat.
Searing and grilling: you can also use it like a plancha for searing meat, fish, shellfish and vegetables.
Tips: Best heated up in a frying pan before using it in the oven or the barbecue:
- Oven: place your meat, fish or vegetables on greaseproof paper on your salt block then put in the oven at 180°C.
- Barbecue or stove: place your meat, fish or vegetables on the salt block and then put the block directly on the heat.
After use, leave your salt block to cool down at room temperature. As it’s naturally antiseptic, the salt block does not require any special care. Just rinse it with water, rub if necessary then dry with a cloth. Be sure it’s dry before putting away.

Terre Exotique - Pink Salt Plate 1.2kg

  • Pink Salt Serving Plate - "Hot Salt Grill" for cooking
    Plat de présentation - Pierre à cuisson
    Weight: 1.2kg block
    Brand: Terre Exotique
    Origin: Pakistan
    Dry Product