Our canned abalone is harvested and transported to the factory without delay. Tasmanian Seafoods Pty Ltd located in Smithton, Margate and Dandenong South have developed a well-organised network to ensure freshness of our product.

They continually monitor these processes to meet strict quality control guidelines. By building quality into their process, Tasmanian Seafoods Pty Ltd can consistently produce a premium product.

The abalone we receive for processing spans a large range of grades and sizes. In order to supply our customers with a consistent product, our specially trained personnel grade the abalone before canning.

Tasmanian Seafood - Canned Wild Abalone 427g

  • Canned Wild Abalone in Brine
    Brand: Tasmanian Seafood
    Weight: 427g canned tin
    Origin: Autralia
    Fresh Product

  •  Do  not completely drained the soup after opening the can, because if you  can not eat it once, abalone can be immersed in the soup, and sealed  tightly, placed in the freezer to save, you can avoid dried abalone  meat, aging, loss of the original taste.