Tête de Moine, literally translates as monk’s head is a cylindrical, smeared semi-hard, unpasteurized cheese weighing 400g. It boasts a very fine consistency, which melts in the mouth.


It isn’t cut; instead, it is scraped into fine rosettes using a girolle cheese curler or similar tool.


By scraping the cheese, the area of the cheese that comes into contact with the air increases. This changes the structure of the cheese and allows the aromatic, gently melting flavor to develop to its fullest. 

Tête de Moine 400g

  • Chilled Tête de Moine
    Whole Cheese + Scrapper included (girolle)
    Weight: 400g
    Texture: Semi-Hard
    Aged 75 days
    Brand: Fromage de Bellelay
    Origin: Switzerland
    Fresh Product
    : The prices given are estimates, they may slightly vary based on the actual weight of your product.