Today the Milano Salami is the best sold and most used in Italy, it is in fact Italy’s favorite salami!

The meat is ground to the size of a grain of rice, seasoned with salt, garlic, broken black peppercorns and ground white pepper. The maturing process is one of the longest and it varies from 3 to 9 weeks, depending on the diameter of the salami, in order to achieve a good consistency of the fat and lean parts.
The most remarkable characteristic of Milano salami is that it has such a sweet and delicate taste. Slices are a light ruby red colour with a well-defined harmonious aroma and mild delicate flavour.

Suppa Salumi - Salame Milano (Approx. 250g)

  • Chilled Beef Salame Milano
    Salame Tipo Milano
    Brand: Suppa Salumi
    Weight: Approx. 250g/piece Vacuum Packed
    Origin: Italy
    Halal Certified
    Fresh Product

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