Tired of the classic Pancetta and looking for new flavours? It's time to try the beef Pancetta Arrotolata!

The Pancetta Arrotalata is a cured meat obtained from the cow’s belly. The meat is salted for a short period of time, then washed in running water, preserved with pepper and natural flavourings, aged and smoked naturally. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Suppa Salumi - Beef Pancetta Arrotolata (Approx. 300g)

  • Chilled Beef Pancetta Arrotolata
    Cut Piece
    Brand: Suppa Salumi
    Weight: Approx. 300g/piece Vacuum Packed
    Origin: Italy
    Halal Certified
    Fresh Product
    Note: The prices given are estimates, they may slightly vary based on the actual weight of your product.