With a diameter between 0.85 mm and 0.92 mm, this type of "thin spaghetti" is among the most popular ones of Rustichella d' Abruzzo line, and combines well with a broth or a soup, or it can be stir-fried with a sauce made of oil, ginger, lemon zest and Sichuan pepper, or simply seasoned with fresh tomato sauce and basil.
Cooking time 4-6 minutes.

Rustichella - Squid Ink Capellini Pasta 500g

  • Artisanal Squid Ink Capellini Pasta (Angel Hair Pasta)
    Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta with Squid Ink
    Pasta di Semola a Grano Duro al Nero di Seppia
    Weight: 500g Packet
    Type: Capellini
    Brand: Rustichella d'Abruzzo
    Origin: Italy
    Dry Food