The Morel has a hazelnut flavour with rich earthy aromas. Its bouquet and its rarity make one of the most popular mushrooms of the gastronomes.
There are several varieties of morels, but Morchella Conica is most sought after by gourmets because of it's amazing flavor.

Dried morels have a more intense, smokier flavor than fresh variety and have the advantage of being available year round. Use in a risotto, in a cream sauce with poultry.

Rehydrate for 1-2 hours and rinse well before use. The morel mushrooms needs to be heated up or cooked before to be consumed.

Plantin - Dried Special Morels Mushrooms 25g

  • Dried Special Morels
    Weight: 25g pot
    Brand: Plantin
    Origin: France
    Dry Product
    Ingredients: Morel (Morchela Conica)