This fresh water fish is mostly fished in the pristine waters of Lake Victoria which is spread over Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania.
Nile Perch with one of the highest levels of Omega 3 is mild flavored and has a moist, medium-firm texture. Nile Perch with low fat has a delicate taste and mild flavoring which makes Nile Perch Fillet one of the most versatile fillets for all round cooking.

Nile Perch Fillet

  • Frozen Nile Perch Fillet
    - Approx. 250/350g /fillet
    - Approx. 350/450g /fillet
    - Approx. 450/550g /fillet
    - Approx. 550/650g /fillet
    - 1 fillet /pack (Approx. 300g)
    - 1 fillet /pack (Approx. 400g)
    - 1 fillets /pack (Approx. 500g)
    - 1 fillets /pack (Approx. 600g)
    Specs: Skin-off - Boneless
    Origin: Kenya
    Frozen Product

    Note: The prices given are estimates, they may slightly vary based on the actual weight of your product.