Banana Blossom is a  popular salad and stir fry ingredient accross Asia, their flakey texture also makes them a good, low calorie fish/meat substitute. Flavour them with seaweed and batter to recreate your favourite chip shop style battered fish!


Nature's Charm banana blossom:

- New vegan meat substitute

- Great texture suitable for every dish, especially vegan fish

- Very lightly seasoned for your own creations

- Gluten Free

- Minimally processed

Nature's Charm - Banana Blossom in Brine 510g

  • Banana Blossom in Brine
    Packing: Tin Can
    Net Weight: 510g
    Drain Weight: 260g
    Brand: Nature's Charm
    Origin: Thailand
    Dry Product
    Ingredients: Banana blossom 51%, water, salt