Mulwarra Lamb is a quality, reliable and consistent premium product. All lambs are sourced from the pristine green pastures of Australia’s southern state of Victoria, using only second cross lambs bred solely for meat production. These produce consistent and quality cuts with an outstanding eye muscle on racks and loins.


To "french" a bone is a culinary term that means to cut the meat away from the end of a rib or chop so that part of the bone is exposed.

Lamb Rack Frenched (Australia - Approx. 1kg)

  • Chilled Lamb Rack Frenched Cap Off
    Brand: Mulwarra
    Weight: Approx. 1kg /piece
    Origin: Australia
    Halal Certified
    Fresh Product
    : The prices given are estimates, they may slightly vary based on the actual weight of your product. 

  • Serving roasted chops of the lamb alongside jewelled couscous, playing on those Morrocan spices and addition of dried fruits such as apricots.
    Standing up against those fruity, floral flavours the Mulwarra Lamb adds succulent, mouth watering aromas and meatiness.
    Serve the Lamb on top of the bed of couscous to catch all the delicious flavour.


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