Frozen, ready to bake butter pain au chocolat in retail packs.
A pain au chocolat made exclusively using pure butter, with delicate tastes and exceptional pastry layers, combined with the intense flavours of pure cocoa.
Each piece is approximately 75g in size.

Lenôtre - Pure Butter Pain Au Chocolat 6x75g

  • Frozen Oven Ready Pure Butter Pain Au Chocolat
    Pain Au Chocolat Pur Beurre Prêts à Cuire
    Weight: 450g bag (6x75g)
    Brand: Lenôtre
    Origin: France
    Frozen Product

  • 1. On baking sheet

    2. Preheat the oven 190 °C

    3. Bake (in a ventilated oven) for 20-23 min at 170-175 °C

    4. Cool for 15 minutes at the room temperature before serving