Frozen, ready to bake butter croissants in retail packs.
Croissants with a delicate taste and exceptional pastry layers, made exclusively with pure butter.
Each piece is approximately 60g in size.

Lenôtre - Pure Butter Croissant 6x60g

  • Frozen Oven Ready Pure Butter Croissants
    Croissants Pur Beurre Prêts à Cuire
    Weight: 360g bag (6x60g)
    Brand: Lenôtre
    Origin: France
    Frozen Product

  • 1. On baking sheet

    2. Preheat the oven 190 °C

    3. Bake (in a ventilated oven) for 20-23 min at 170-175 °C

    4. Cool for 15 minutes at the room temperature before serving