The Original: Atlantic salmon farmed in Norway, dry salted and smoked with beech wood

Its texture is buttery, silky and just utterly delicious.
Slice and serve with just some lemon and capers for garnish, to truly appreciate it the luxurious flavor.

Labeyrie - Smoked Salmon Gourmet "The Original" 75g

  • Chilled Smoked Salmon Gourmet "The Original"
    Tasty & Delicate
    A dry salted salmon delicately smoked with beech wood
    ASC Certified - Antibiotics Free
    2 slices minimum
    75g pack
    Brand: Labeyrie
    Origin: Norway
    Chilled Product

  • Quick and easy ways to serve smoked salmon:
    1. Keep it simple

    Drape thinly sliced smoked salmon onto small chunks of warm crusty bread and top with a dab of sour cream and a twist of black pepper.
    2. Roll it up

    Spread a thin layer of cream cheese over a slice of smoked salmon; add half a dozen capers and a little black pepper; roll it around a spear of chilled cucumber or a grilled asparagus.
    3. Be posh

    Layer smoked salmon, thinly sliced cucumber and black pepper between 4 slices of soft, buttered bread in this order: bread, salmon, bread, cucumber, bread, salmon, bread. Cut into bite-sized triangles.
    4. Impress 

    Cut a bagel from the center out into small wedges about ½-inch thick. Turn on their sides and top with salmon, cream cheese, and chopped red onion. Add a squeeze of lemon.
    5. Go Italian

    Layer smoked salmon between a slice of mozzarella and tomato and top with small fold of salmon. Drizzle with balsamic glaze; garnish with a fresh basil leaf.