Pouligny Saint Pierre cheese is made from alpine goat’s milk


It is often known as the pyramid, or Eiffel tower, because of its cone shape.


The Pouligny Saint Pierre is produced in the valley of the Brenne, situated in central France. This region is known for its mild climate which allows for the growth of rich pasture lands.

To achieve its splendid form, the curd is ladled into a pyramid-shaped mould that has holes in it. The draining of the curd lasts several days, once finished the cheese is taken out of the moulds, salted and allowed to dry on willow trellises.


After four weeks of caving the rind develops a dry, naturally blue mould, appearance. If the Pouligny Saint Pierre is allowed to mature longer the rind’s color deepens and the mould spreads.


The taste has a rarefied sour savor, followed by a salty flavor that turns to a sweetness nuttiness. The pate is remarkable white with a fine texture, moist and soft.

Jacquin - Pouligny-Saint-Pierre AOP 250g

  • Chilled Pouligny-Saint-Pierre Cheese
    Texture: Semi-soft
    Weight: 250g
    Brand: Jacquin
    Origin: France
    Fresh Product
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