A household name in French kitchens, but a relative newcomer to the worldwide market, guinea fowl meat is a cross between chicken and pheasant, without a sharp gamey flavor and leaner than chicken.

Our frozen guinea fowl meat is easy to cook - you just prepare it as you would chicken. It's all-natural, without any additives, and grown hormone, steroid and antibiotic-free.

Guinea Fowl Whole (1.250kg)

  • Frozen Guinea Fowl Whole
    Packing: Tray Packed x 1 piece
    Weight: 1.250kg /pcs
    Brand: Marquis De France
    Origin: France
    Halal Certified
    Frozen Product
    Note: The prices given are estimates, they may slightly vary based on the actual weight of your product. 

  • Cooking Methods:
    Roast, Braise, Poach, Stew, Barbecue
    Cooking Tips:

    Guinea hen can be cooked just like chicken, although it has a thinner, leaner skin. A rubdown with butter, duck fat, or a few strips of bacon will add flavor and keep the bird moist. Try adding shallots, citrus, garlic, and/or herbs to the cavity before roasting. Just like chicken, guinea hen should reach a finished temperature of 165 degrees F.