Bouton de Culotte is a small goat cheese with a yellowish rind, in the form of a 30 to 40 gram droppings.
Although it can be consumed young, it is generally refined to become hard and very dry. It is at this time that its typical peppery taste is most pronounced.
Bouton de Culotte originates from the Mâconnais and Haut-Beaujolais regions of Burgundy. The shepherds of the region used to make cheeses that could be kept for several months and that remained tasty even when dry.
It is said to be the smallest of goat's cheeses and perhaps even the smallest of all cheeses. In any case, its short size does not prevent it from being powerful and it is appreciated by thrill seekers!
Even today, it is still made from raw goat's milk. A small dozen farm producers ensure the tradition, many of whom also produce Mâconnais.

Goat Cheese "Bouton de Culotte" 2x30g

  • Chilled Goat Cheese "Bouton de Culotte"
    Fermier - Lait Cru Entier
    Texture: Semi-Hard
    Brand: Capriferm
    Weight: 2 x 30g /packet
    Origin: France
    Fresh Product