If you are a crab lover, this one is deffinetly for you! The crab paste, is so handy for quick snacks, or even meals!
Delpierre's Crab Paste is a spreadable crab sandwich filling – which can also be used like a crab paté on toast. It’s also tasty as a jacket potato topping, or even as a quick crab dip recipe (just open the jar and spoon out, or, to make it go further, mix with a little cream cheese) – perfect for lazy parties (and midnight feasts). Also the other way to enjoy crab paste is to mix it with hot newly-cooked rice or pasta.  

Delpierre - Crab Paste 100g

  • Chilled Crab Paste
    Douceur au Crabe
    Weight: 100g glass jar
    Brand: Delpierre
    Origin: France
    Fresh Product