Chocolat Frey couvertures are produced in a traditional process using carefully selected raw materials. The extensive range offers a variety of milk, dark and white couvertures with individually distinct flavours. The couvertures are ideal for the production of pralines, mousses and other fine couverture products.


Typical Swiss milk chocolate flavour with harmonious cocoa note.


for ganache
to enrobe / to coat
for molding shells
for decoration


Couverture Milk Chocolate Cocoa Coins "Classic 34%" 500g

  • Chilled Professional Couverture Raw Milk Chocolate Cocoa Coins
    Rondinis Classic 34/19 R
    Type: Milk Chocolate Cocoa Coins (Rondinis)
    Packing: Plastic Bag
    Weight: 500g packet
    Brand: Frey
    Origin: Switzerland
    Chilled Product
    sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier (soy lecithin), natural flavor.
    % Cocoa: 34.7%
    % Milk: 19.9%
    May contains: tree nuts, eggs