Blend of Arbequina olive green-gold color. They are collected from the first turning color olives strong character and deep green color, until collected as early as November , and into the fall , and more fragile and tenuous expression.


It offers a ripe apple green. Aromas of sweet mixed fruit , green almedra , vegetable and floral fragrance . Medium fruity fresh , clean and fragrant olive.


The palate is soft and sweet , predominantly mature almond leaves a sweet at the end feeling. Slightly bitter . Aftertaste of banana, apple and almond. Balanced touch to fruit compote.

Excellent for cooking fish, vinaigrettes and mayonnaises . Very suitable to replace butter in the preparation of cakes, creams ...

Castillo De Canena - Medinaceli Arbequino 375ml

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  • Olive Oil - Duchess of Medinaceli
    Brand: Castillo De Canena
    Type: Arbequino
    Origin: Spain
    Glass Bottle: 375ml