Compatible with amiable spirit!

Anima del Salvador:
the lightest essence, from a single selection of washed Arabic from Salvador. Its citrus notes blend perfectly with the cocoa flavour, and the fresh delicate flavour makes this coffee ideal at any time of the day.

Caffè Diemme has put the finest essence inside the capsule format most widely known around the world to get a perfect espresso.

Single-dose capsules compatible with the Citiz, Pixie, Essenza, Lattissima, "U" and Inissia domestic machines produced by Nespresso®.

Caffé Diemme - Spirit of El Salvador Coffee Capsules x 50 caps

  • Spirit of El Salvador Perfect Espresso
    Indiviually packed Nespresso Compatible Capsules
    L'espresso Perfetto Spirito Del Salvador
    Aroma: 4/5
    Body: 3/5
    Taste: 3/5
    Brand: Caffé Diemme

    Packing: 50 capsules (1 box)
    Origin: Italy
    Dry Product