Mild and refined!


Miscela Oro, the tip Caffè Diemme blend made up of 100% Arabica beans, is distinguished by an elegant balance of tastes, with a great body and a persistent aftertaste marked by notes of chocolate and almond, if brewed in espresso. The sweet caramel tones are enhanced if processed with milk.

Caffé Diemme - Oro Blend Coffee Beans 500g

  • Miscela Oro Blend - Whole Coffee Beans
    100% Arabica
    Blend Origins: Brazil Alta Mogiana, India Arabica, Colombia Supremo, Tanzania Kilimandjaro, El Salvador High Grow
    Strenght: 7/10

    Roasting: Medium
    Tasting Notes: Almond, Flower and Fresh Fruit
    Brand: Caffé Diemme

    Packing: 500g bag
    Origin: Italy
    Dry Product