The traditional Italian espresso style!


Miscela Aromatica: great intensity and a sharp aftertaste, fruit of a balanced combination of choice species of Arabica and Robusta. The precise blending allows us to get a coffee marked by an excellent body, coupled with a longer persistency of the spicy tones and a lasting cream.

Caffé Diemme - Aromatica Blend Coffee Beans 500g

  • Miscela Aromatica Blend - Whole Coffee Beans
    75% Arabica, 25% Robusta
    Blend Origins: Brazil Alta Mogiana, Tanzania Kilimanjaro, India Arabica, Salvador High Grow, India Cherry Robusta
    Strenght: 8/10

    Roasting: Medium
    Tasting Notes: Dried Fuits-Spices
    Brand: Caffé Diemme

    Packing: 500g bag
    Origin: Italy
    Dry Product