Gourmets and connoisseurs love our renowned barbarie duck as it is famous for its culinary qualities. Barbarie duck also called lean duck is very popular for its qualities, the nice meat texture and its unique taste.

This healthy meat has good nutritional qualities and is rich in iron, vitamin, omega 3 and 6.
The ducks are reared until they are 12 weeks old, with a 100 % vegetarian vitamin and mineral food diet.

Barbarie Duck Whole 1.5kg

  • Frozen Whole Barbarie Duck
    Packing: Tray Wrapped 1 piece
    Weight: Approx. 1.5kg /piece
    Brand: Marquis De France
    Origin: France
    Halal Certified
    Frozen Product
    : The prices given are estimates, they may slightly vary based on the actual weight of your product. ​​​​​​​